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  • Precise, 110kg

    Stack weight
    Precise, 110kg

  • Bent and welded

    Bent and welded

  • 3 movement ranges

    3 movement ranges

  • Kevlar belt

    Drive line
    Kevlar belt

  • 1,5

    Stack weight change


S series in an evolution of the most popular and recognized isotonic lines in the world – EXTREME line. Like Extreme it has got an aesthetically built and precisely finished secure weight piles. Designing it, we thought about an easy to make choice of a weight that is assisted with magnetized selectors. The line is equipped with a unique bearing system installed in our equipment enables a real change of the weight of every 1.5 kg. Now you can change piles according to your individual need. (Within the piles 1 meter tall the margin in holes adjustment can not be bigger than 1 mm)

It also features designed by specialists in a Mechanics field system of levers that are responsible for the ergonomics of an exercise. The system of regulation enables a user  a proper position regardless of his height or weight.

What we have changed is the size, now all the machines are 20 cm smaller. It means that a whole line of S series machines are easier to fit in the fitness room.

Additional info

  • Lenght 1500mm
  • Width 1650mm
  • Height 1620mm
  • Weight 238 kg

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