Abdominal / Back Ext.

  • Precise, 100kg

    Stack weight
    Precise, 100kg

  • Bifunctional twisted

    Bifunctional twisted

  • 3 movement ranges

    3 movement ranges

  • 5kg

    Stack weight change


DUO isotonic series received its name because of the multiple construction possibilities. It enables workout on the two opposite muscle groups on one machine. Each machine is equipped with adjustable cams, levers and magnetised selectors. DUO  Isotonic machines were designed because of the increasing need for more room in fitness clubs. The construction profile of the machines allows you to get the best workout ergonomics possible. It also features adjusted lifts and magnetic selectors. The complete DUO series consits of 9 machines that enable you a complete training for every muscle group.  Once you buy Duo isotonic series, you will save space and money! You will gain more space and you will afford more cardio machines in your club! 18 stations is enough to have a complete training on each muscle group.

Additional info

  • Lenght 1110mm
  • Width 1120mm
  • Height 1710mm

Available in this category Duo series

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